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Killer Bee Hive Removed From Mandarin Woman's Yard

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Hanging 30 feet in the air in Sara Hatt's backyard is a bee hive, bigger than a basketball.

"A residential neighborhood, a backyard is no place to have a wild bee colony," said Richard Martyniak. ""No reason to leave this here."

When the city refused to remove it, Hatt called On Your Side and was put in touch with All Florida Bee and  Martyniak, an entomologist and stinging insect expert. Today, he arrived to remove the bees from Hatt's home.

A lab will have to confirm that this hive was built by aggressive African bees, but it had all of the characteristics, said Martyniak.

"African bees tend to build these external nests more frequently than European bees." he said.

To get a closer look, he positioned a lift near the hive, anchored its giant legs and put on a protective bee suit, including shoulder- length vinyl gloves and masks.

Up close, the hive was impressive - and intimidating. But the noisy bees appeared too busy to pay attention. "I would say there are about 30,000 bees," he said.

Armed with chemical spray and a saw, Martyniak sprayed the bees to keep them from flying, then removed the hive, piece by piece. His last step was to remove the entire limb.

Hatt and her neighbors watched, pleased with the outcome.

Even when the hive was in pieces, some of the bees were still buzzing but, he said, not for long. Now that the hive is gone, the residents of this Mandarin community say they can have peace of mind.











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