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Night Terrors Haunted House Now Open
Night Terrors Haunted House Now Open


Night Terrors is a haunted house event located in Jacksonville, FL. It consists of three terrifying walk through attractions filled with high-tech special effects, realistic sets, and trained actors in professional makeup. It's like being inside of a living Hollywood horror film. The haunted houses are all new this year. Because of the overwhelming response they received last season, they have moved to a massive 30,000+ square foot location to accommodate the huge crowds.

Night Terrors has been selected as one of the best haunted houses in America by

  • Who: Night Terrors Haunted House
  • What: Selected One of the Best Haunted Houses in America by
  • Where: 11740 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32223
  • When: Beginning Friday, September 30th, Night Terrors is open Friday and Saturday 7pm-12am and Sundays 7pm-10pm. They will also be open Thursday, October 27th and Sunday and Monday, October 30th and 31st from 7pm – 11pm.

The 3 Attractions:


The N3QX1 Virus Strain has hit the Jacksonville metropolitan area. The virus is believed to be transmitted through bodily fluids of the infected, often through a bite or scratch.  Initial symptoms include severe itching, bleeding from the orifices, vomiting, and increased irritability. The Center for Disease Control is requiring all citizens to immediately report to their assigned safe house for decontamination and isolation from the infected. Avoid the infected at all costs!

Experience the Zombie Apocalypse firsthand at Outbreak! Featuring mind blowing special effects and mobs of the infected.  Outbreak is one of Florida's most innovative haunted houses. 


Step into the sadistic mind of a grave robbing serial killer. Through human mutilation and experimentation he seeks to reanimate the lives of his past loved ones.  Only this time... You are the experiment! Immerse yourself into a world that can only be described as beyond bizarre.


Built in 1864, the Adner Heights Asylum was once a thriving institution for the clinically insane. But these times were short lived. Some of the procedures done on the patients of Adner Heights included Water Treatment, Solitary, Shock Therapy and Lobotomy. In 1973 Adner Heights was completely shut down due to grotesque and inhumane practices being done to the patients. It’s your turn to journey through the halls…it is said the tormented spirits of the many patients and surgeons still roam the building. Experience the sadistic treatment done to the patients in the past. Can you make it out alive?

Night Terrors can be reached for more information about ticket prices and directions at


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