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Tax Day Tea Party Rally at The Landing, April 15
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Two years ago on April 15, 2009, the Tea Party Movement was birthed in North Florida.  More than 5,000 new friends showed up at the Jacksonville Landing with their personal messages on hand-made signs and a look of fear and concern on their faces. 

They provided a lineup of speakers who educated them on the issues of the day – specifically bailouts and free markets.  Others spoke of losing our freedoms and rallied the crowd as we screamed “Free-dom!!!!!” loud enough for the fish to hear us deep in the waters of the St. Johns River.  

One of their speakers, a tall, bald, thin man stood as the last speaker and informed them about the healthcare bill currently being debated.  He was viewed as an expert in the healthcare field and he let them know how bad that bill would be if it passed.  He encouraged them to become involved and he spoke about socialized medicine leading to the downfall of a society.  Most had never heard of this man and didn’t care who he was. He was talking their language and freedom was his message so he was one of them and that is all that mattered.

His name:  Rick Scott.

He was just another speaker in a lineup of average, American citizens speaking out on that day.  Little did they know that our last speaker of the day on April 15, 2009 would become our Governor two years later!  He was not a politician so he had no name recognition to the crowd who gathered.  He was just another guy.

Now the Tea Party Movement is pleased to announce he will be back on our stage this coming April 15th as our Governor.  They hope you will be there to say together “Welcome Back Rick!” and hear him speak.  Other guests include:

  • Andrew Breitbart who went from left to right and decided to take on the whole world in his new book, “Righteous Indignation:  Excuse me while I try to save the world.”
  • Jim Labriola, standup comedian, from Home Improvement and The Santa Clause movie.
  • Victoria Jackson, Tea Party Comedian, from Saturday Night Live.
  • Rapper Hi Caliber and the Mosquitoes
  • And others…such as the Tea Time Troupers
  • A special VIP Cast Party will be held afterwards as a fundraiser to cover the costs of this event.

Tax Day Tea Party Rally
Jacksonville Landing
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

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