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Killer Bee Hive Removed From Mandarin Woman's Yard

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Hanging 30 feet in the air in Sara Hatt's backyard is a bee hive, bigger than a basketball.

"A residential neighborhood, a backyard is no place to have a wild bee colony," said Richard Martyniak. ""No reason to leave this here."

When the city refused to remove it, Hatt called On Your Side and was put in touch with All Florida Bee removal.com and  Martyniak, an entomologist and stinging insect expert. Today, he arrived to remove the bees from Hatt's home.

A lab will have to confirm that this hive was built by aggressive African bees, but it had all of the characteristics, said Martyniak.

"African bees tend to build these external nests more frequently than European bees." he said.

Killer Bee Colony Invades, Calls Mandarin Backyard Home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It's an intimidating sight, even from a distance - high in a tree 30 feet above the ground.

"It started out small. We thought it was a small bird's nest, didn't think anything of it, but now it is really big," said Sara Hatt.

The hive is in her backyard and she recently had a pest control expert look at the big bee hive in her tree and the results scared her.

"He said it was an African honey bee hive," said Hatt.

It is so menacing, it is restricting the use of her backyard. "We can't use one side ...we can't get the lawn crew to cut the yard. We can't let the dogs out to one side of the yard,"  she said.

Recently one of her dogs got stung and was rushed to an animal emergency room.

"By the time I got him there he was almost dying; they kept him for about six hours. It took him a week to come back from it," said Hatt.

Annual Pumpkin Patch Opens Saturday at Southside United Methodist Church

Hundreds of pumpkins will be hitting the town on Saturday, October 2nd as the youth of Southside United Methodist Church (SUMC) set up for the start of PUMPKINS ON THE POINT!   We invite the community to enjoy the fun as “the point,” between Hendricks Avenue and San Jose Blvd, grows one pumpkin at a time into a very sincere pumpkin patch.