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Jacksonville business offers chemical-free lice treatment

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Getting rid of head lice can be challenging, but the owner of Jacksonville business says the pesticide-free technique her company offers works with just one treatment.

After dealing with lice for about eight weeks and trying over-the- counter and prescription shampoos, the Slotwinski's packed up their four kids and drove more than two hours from Melbourne, Florida to Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Center in Jacksonville.

"I had past shoulder length hair about three weeks ago and I had gotten so fed up to the point where I asked him to please shave my head," said Jennifer Slotwinski.

She took a drastic step trying to get rid of head lice she got after she says her 10-year-old daughter came home from school with the creepy crawlers. She didn't shave her head, but she did have her husband chop off her hair.

"For me as a mother with young children already, overwhelmed with daily activities and chores and school, throwing in lice treatment which could take several hours each day for weeks pushed me over and made me seek out another option."

She and her family drove all the way to Jacksonville for the Lousebuster. Unlike many other lice treatments, it doesn't have any chemicals.

"It is an FDA cleared medical device that all it really does is blow out dry, heated air. It's not as hot as a hair dryer, but a lot more air comes out of it and it is really dry air and it is awesome," explained Mandy Ottensen, owner of Fresh Heads.

She is so confident in the Lousebuster that with just one treatment she offers her clients a 30 day money back guarantee.

"It takes about 30 minutes. What we do is we systematically move the heat all around the head. It's particularly effective against the nits, which is where most families run into trouble. The nits are the eggs that the bugs lay. They are very tiny, very hard to see and they are literally glued to the hair shaft," said Ottensen.

She says clinical studies show the machine is 99.4% effective against lice eggs and kills 95% of live bugs. It's designed for adults and children four and older.

After using the Lousebuster clients then get a full comb out and a non-toxic oil is applied to suffocate any bugs that survived.

"We do this about every single day. We do about 100 treatments a month, 100 to 130 treatments a month and very rarely do we have to retreat."

As for the Slotwinski's, they were happy to learn despite their long drive, they walked in lice-free.

"Our head checks turned up no lice so yeah that's good. We have been successful with our own treatment, but I also got information on what to do if we do find something and how to go from here just with preventative measures," said Jennifer Slotwinski.

First for you, head lice is spread primarily by head to head contact and often when kids get it mom does too.

The CDC says it is uncommon for lice to be spread by contact with clothing like hats and other personal items likes brushes or towels used by someone with lice.  The CDC also says personal hygiene and cleanliness at home or at school have nothing to do with getting lice.

The CDC has a list of answers to frequently asked questions about lice. You can learn more by clicking here


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