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Bad hair day at the salon

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  Linda Pagurra, 67, is sensitive about her hair. On July 3rd she said a trip to her hair stylist for a body wave turned into a mess.

"I came home... looked in the mirror and my hair was total mess," she said.

The Salon, Cuts by Us, responded and gave her a refund and promised to deliver conditioning treatments until her hair was restored.

"The manager said 'oh my God' your hair has been completely fried," said Pagurra.

Pagurra said everything was going well, she was getting treatments twice a week, until  this week when the stylist told her that it was costing her money.

"She said this costing me money, this is the last time!" said Pagurra.

Doc, the regional supervisors of Cuts by Us said their policy is very simple, if the customer is not satisfied refund their money, which they did. He said they had no way telling their would be a problem before applying the body wave.

Pagurra then demanded the salon buy her a wig until her hair grows back.

Doc Pond, Cuts by Us regional supervisor and he said is company  believes in customer service.

"We've bent over backwards," he said, "and we are still willing to work with Pagurra to resolve this issue."

Doc said his Salon is still willing to give Pagurra free conditioning treatments, products, and will educate her on how to treat her hair.

He never said if he will or will not pay for a wig.

But if his salon is still willing to make it right with the customer, she has to give him a chance. Pond said they will reach out to the woman who has patronized his salon for the past seven years. 


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