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Woman threatened for not cashing fake checks

JACKSONVILLE,Fla. -- Alice Barrett has a full time job, but was looking for some extra income.

"Just part time I have so much time on my hand I just wanted something part time," Barrett said.

She found a part time job in a community where it is often difficult to separate the good from the bad, Craigslist.

"They wanted me to be a mystery shopper," said Barrett. 

Barrett said the company hired her, there was no interview, no background check, and sent her a check for $2,800. She decided to check out the check.

"I called the name of the company on it and was told that it is not their check," said Barrett.

Her due diligence confirmed what she feared, the check is a fake.

"I emailed them and let them know your check is not legit it is a fraud I just want a part time job so don't contact me again," said Barrett. 

But it was not over. Barrett said the person behind the mystery shopper check began sending her threatening emails.

"He said we're going to report you to Homeland Security," said Barrett. 

In one email the person wrote:

"This now seems that you want to run away with our money...we will have to involve the FBI and the local CIA...it seems you want to screw us."

Barrett said the harassment has been incredible, all because she refuse to cash the fake check.

In another email the sender wrote:

"We will be giving you 24hrs to get back to us with the money transfer...or else."

Barrett said the more she ignores the emails the more intimidating they become. She said she wants it stopped.

"I don't know how to block them," she said. "I wish I knew how to stop them."

Stopping them is simple, if you receive email through Microsoft outlook, move your cursor to the upper left corner of the screen, click on tools and set a rule to block the sender's email address.

If you are a Gmail user move the cursor to 'more' in the center of the screen and click on 'Filter messages."

To report bogus checks click www.ic3.gov.

For more information of phony checks visit the website www.fakechecks.org.


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