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San Jose solutions on the table for discussion

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Mandarin community is a step closer making changes at the crosswalk on San Jose Boulevard and Haley Road where a woman was killed Friday.

Several options for the crosswalk were discussed between Rabbi Yaakove Fisch and the Department of Transportation Tuesday, although no decisions have been made, Fisch says there is hope.

About 60 families with young children cross the San Jose Boulevard and Haley Road crosswalk for temple every week at the Etz Chaim Synagogue, according to Rabbi Fisch. 

"Many of these families have young children, so keep in mind as long as it takes for a pedestrian to walk across the street. with young children it's that much longer," said Fisch. 

The crosswalk timing issue is nothing new. Rabbi Fisch says he's reached out to politicians about it before, but after Friday night's pedestrian accident resulted in the death of Esther Oyahon, 57, and critically injured her daughter Orly Oyahon, 16, options are now on the table for change.

Some of the San Jose suggestions Rabbi Fisch made to the Department of Transportation were to construct a pedestrian crossover, extend the crosswalk timer, add officers at the crosswalk during service times or set the timers on the crosswalk at the standard 42-45 second crosswalk time during service times. 

"We are going to have a meeting with Representative McBurney, the Rabbi, our district administrator, and that should be in a week or two and all of these issues will be discussed," said Mike Goldman with the Department of Transportation.

Goldman says all of the options will have to be reviewed. He said an overpass pedestrian crossover has been discussed before.

"In the mid 1990s we met with the Rabbi at the synagogue and he specifically requested an overpass as part of the project to widen San Jose from two to three lanes in each direction and we considered it, but we said no we can't do it because it wouldn't be cost feasible and the number of people potentially using the overpass wouldn't justify the costs," said Goldman. 

Goldman says the waiting time until a solution is implemented will depend on what option is chosen for the crosswalk. 

"Our guys need to review it, they need to look at the technology, we need to talk to the Florida Highway Patrol, Sheriff Rutherford has some opinion, so we need to be all inclusive," said Goldman.


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