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Iraq War veteran frustrated by VA bureaucracy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Josh Mitchell served in the U.S. Marine Corps five years and did two tours in Iraq.

"It has been a little stressful trying to find a job and get in to the VA here," said Mitchell. 

Two months ago, he returned home to Jacksonville after making stops in California and Tennessee.

He is a veteran that needs help.

"I gotten blown up once in my first tour and that gave me TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury," he said. 

Mitchell, 27, said he has been trying to get help from the VA here in Jacksonville for his TBI, post traumatic stress disorder and physical injury.

"I just kind of gave up the last couple of weeks," he said. 

Mitchell said he used the VA service while in California and that was great, but that hasn't been his experience here at home.

He said just trying to get an appointment to evaluate his needs has been difficult.

"I'm going to have to end up going to the VA in Gainesville or Lake City," he said, "That is not fair." 

We contacted the Jacksonville Military Affairs, Veterans office and they were quick to help. 

They have scheduled a meeting with Mitchell this week to break up the log jam in the VA's bureaucracy.

He is pleased.

"It has really been stressful," he said, "Trying to get in not just with the VA hospital but using my GI bill to get into school."

Mitchell said he can't wait; he is tired of his life being on on hold.

"I just want to be seen by the VA hospital," said Mitchell, "to get the help I need and I think myself and all veterans deserve."

If you are a veteran having difficulty getting into the VA contact your local military affairs office. You can also visit the following helpful links:,-veterans-and-disabled-services/veterans-services.aspx


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