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Felony charges for Mandarin student with gun at school

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The student who allegedly brought a gun to Mandarin High School on Thursday has been charged with two felonies.

The teen, 17, is being charged with possession of a firearm on school property and dealing in stolen property, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrest and booking report.

According to the report, the teen told officers "he was having a 'beef' with some guys on the Westside and needed it for protection." He also told officers he paid $150 for the gun two years ago.

First Coast News has chosen not to release the name or the photo of the juvenile.

MHS Principal Donna Richardson released this phone message to parents on Thursday:

"This is Principal Richardson, calling to advise you of an incident where the outstanding commitment of our students contributed to the safety of our campus. Today, a Mandarin High student was arrested following the report of a gun seen in his possession on campus. We are pleased with the immediate support and responsiveness of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, students, and staff. Weapons on our campus will not be tolerated. Any student with them faces penalties that include recommendation for expulsion. Please talk to your child about our discovery today and encourage him or her to continue efforts that keep our campus safe. Feel free to contact me with any questions."

On March 6, 2014, a student at Ed White High School was arrested for bringing a gun to school. Last November, reports surfaced about a gun at DuPont Middle School last November but the JSO checked it out and did not find a weapon.

In 2011, an 11-year-old was suspended from Mosely Elementary School in Palatka for bringing a BB gun to school.

A month before that incident at the same school, a 5 year old was caught with a gun in prekindergarten.

Florida State College at Jacksonville Professor of Psychology Erin Richman said the possession of a weapon is most of the time linked to bullying.

"Most of the teens who've been arrested for bringing a gun to school report the reason they brought it is because they were protecting themselves," Richman said.


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