Fallen tree cleared after severe weather | News

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Fallen tree cleared after severe weather

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Minor damage remains after a tree fell close to a school on Wednesday night. It happened on Dupont Avenue in the San Jose area during a severe weather event.

The large tree, located in the backyard of a private residence, crashed through a fence and landed partially in the road.

Traffic had to be blocked while crews cleaned up the debris. No one was injured.

As of Thursday morning, only damage to the fence and a portion of the tree's trunk remained.

Dupont Middle School is located across from where the tree fell, but sustained no damage.

A viewer also alerted First Coast News to a tree that fell off Altima Road in the Grove Park area. A check of the scene found crews from the city had it cleaned up on Thursday morning.

No damage was reported. It also came from the yard of a private residence.


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