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Father of teen killed in crash has a message for parents

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- Cut down in the prime of his life. The father of a 13-year-old who died in a car crash in Mandarin on Sunday spoke to First Coast News.

"Pain. Deep pain, Devastation." Larry Schaub said about his heart, following the death of his son.

Flowers mark the spot where his youngest of 4 sons, Garrett, died in a car crash Sunday morning.

"He was a very outgoing, fun-loving kid," Schaub said of his son. "He lived for the moment. He brightened up any room."

They just returned from vacation Saturday evening.

"It looks like sometime in the middle of the night, Garrett snuck out of the house to meet with some friends," He said.

Schaub said they had cell phone tracking on their sons, but Garret's phone got wet.

They didn't know he was gone until they heard the news.

Police said the vehicle was traveling quickly down the road and didn't negotiate a curve. The front end hit a large oak tree. Everyone in the car were teens. The driver and right rear passenger were hurt and taken to the hospital. The front right passenger was the only one wearing a seatbelt and wasn't badly hurt said police. Police said speed and alcohol appear to be factors in this crash.

As police continue this active investigation, Garrett's father had a message for others.

"I guess the biggest message is get involved in your kids lives and stop underage drinking and driving, if that is truly the case," he said.

Garrett Schaub is not the first person who lost their life on that stretch of roadway.

There have been other fatal crashes on this stretch of mandarin road.

FCN took a drive down the road. There are large trees around the roadway for a long stretch.

Parts of the roadway bend and curve around those large trees. FCN counted three different memorial markers at scarred trees where it looks like people have died. One of those memorials was from 2013.

The memorial markers we saw were less than 3-miles from the spot where Garrett Schaub died Sunday.

A neighbor told FCN they have seen more than one crash in the same spot where Sunday's crash happened.

Just before that curve, there are flashing lights and about 20-warning signs posted at and near that curve.

Other neighbors said if the speed limit is followed..they feel the road was not a danger.


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