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FBI Can't Identify Suspect in Fraud Case

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Federal agents are still trying to identify the man who worked temp jobs at Jaxport and had unescorted access to the Blount Island marine terminal.

The man simply known as John Doe in court records, who was arrested on fraud charges last week, was using names such as Leroy Meyers and Leroy Mayers.

According to the FBI, Doe took on the identity of a South Florida man identified in court records only as L.T.H.

The federal indictment said Doe used L.T.H.'s Social Security number at the Department of Motor Vehicles in December 2007 and again in August 2008.

Court records note in October 2009, Doe used L.T.H.'s Social Security on a passport application. He was successful in getting Florida identification cards, a passport, and a security badge.

In October 2010, Doe used that badge, a transportation worker identification credential, or TWIC, at Jaxport. The badge is issued by the Transportation Security Administration, and regulated by the TSA and the Coast Guard.

The U.S. Attorney's Office said Doe was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol a month ago on fraud charges. The FBI booked him on identity theft and fraud charges last week.

The USAO said Doe's case does not appear to have a terrorist connection.        




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