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Residents say they're being bullied into neighborhood cleanup

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Moss Ridge neighborhood is small -- 59 homes -- and some residents are upset that they're being bullied by fake code violation notices.

The notices are being delivered into their mailboxes under the guise of the Moss Ridge Neighborhood Association.  

Bonnie Simpson has lived in the area 17 years and says there has never been a homeowners association.

"No question at all," she said, "Never."

Petra Fallaha said it has been a problem for weeks. The latest notice in her mailbox told her to move her boat.

"We obey every rule in the City of Jacksonville," said Fallaha, "So I don't want to be harassed by some mystery man."

Keith Schacht decorated his landscape planters. The notice in his mailbox told him to remove the pots.

"When I read it, I was kind of ticked about it," said Schacht.

Bonnie Simpson was told to paint her home.

"The one that got me was to edge your sidewalk," said Simpson.

What bothers these Moss Ridge residents is that they're being told to correct the problems in 90 days or else city inspectors will issue citations.

What would you do if you receive a notice like this?

First verify if it is legitimate. Check the website to see if the association is registered as required by Florida Statue 720.

The residents believe one of their neighbors is behind the notices, but he did not respond to an inquiry.

What is the motive? Is this a prank or a selfish means to clean up the neighborhood? The residents call it harassment. 

"I don't feel comfortable at all," said Fallaha, " and I want it to stop."  

Jacksonville attorney Michael McCabe, who specializes in real estate law, researched the Moss Ridge Association behind the notice and said it is not in compliance with state law. He said it has no authority and residents should ignore the notice of violation.

The city's neighborhood division said at one time, there was a voluntary neighborhood association, but they don't know if it is active.

While the city's municipal code division does indeed investigate and issue citations for code violations, it is not involved with this notice.  


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