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City delays in fixing damaged Mandarin driveway

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The damage to her driveway occurred about a month ago and it has become the bane of Charlotte Cooper's complaint. She is very disappointed with the city's response. 

On July 3, Cooper came home to a surprise; a portion of her Mandarin driveway had collapsed.

"If I had swung a little wider when I pulled in, I would have hit the hole," said Cooper. 

Cooper is convinced that the damage was caused by a city contractor's heavy equipment being used to repave a neighborhood road. That has not been fully determined.

"They were making turns here," said Cooper, pointing to her driveway. 

She has lived in the community 22 years and has never had to call the city about a problem before. Now that she has, her confidence in local government is shaken.

"They at one point said it was fixed it was repaired," she said, "As you can see it is not." 

Cooper said her persistent calls eventually resulted in a barricade from the city and two safety cones from her neighbors, but she is afraid that the driveway has become a real safety hazard.

"It is not safe. Neighbors have told me 'I wouldn't be driving on that, the thing can sink in,'" said Cooper. 

She called the JEA since it is in the right of way, and they said it is a city problem. Her calls to the city ended with a number or promises but the problem is still not resolved.

"I have an estimated completion date of November the seventh. By then, the whole thing could have caved in," she said.

District Councilman Matt Schellenberg took at look at the problem and said it looks like damage caused by heavy equipment. He has been in contact with Public Works.

Public Works has reached out to Cooper since our involvement and told her the driveway will be repaired next week.


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