28 pedestrians, 9 bicyclists killed in Jax in 2012 | News

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28 pedestrians, 9 bicyclists killed in Jax in 2012

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- This year, 28 pedestrians and nine bicyclists have been killed in Jacksonville. Last week, a teenager was hit at a Mandarin crosswalk and shedding light on how often pedestrians become victims of traffic accidents.

18-year-old Savanah Sappington suffered a scare when she was hit last week while crossing San Jose Boulevard in Mandarin on her bike. She's recovering from two broken ribs, a broken clavicle, and two fractures on her cheek, but is also sending out a warning to fellow pedestrians.

"People need to pay more attention when they are driving and people need to pay more attention when they are crossing streets too. I mean yeah, you are a pedestrian, you have the right of way, but there are going to be those people who are not paying attention." says Sappington.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, in 2008, Florida had the highest number of pedestrian fatalities with 487 people killed. That same year, 19 percent of all pedestrian-related crashes were due to improper crossing of roadways and intersections.  

"It happened the same day, a friend of mine, his friend in Germany had been hit by a car on a bike on his way home from work and he's dead now. It happens every day and I'm really lucky."

While Savannah is lucky, according to walking.org, a pedestrian and bicycle site, nearly 5,000 people were killed in pedestrian motor vehicle accidents in 2010. And some 70,000 injuries. But the group thinks only a fraction of the accidents are reported. Some say another contributing factor to many of the pedestrian accidents in the past year was texting and walking


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