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Teen hit at crosswalk on bike warns pedestrians

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A teenager hit by a car while crossing the street in Mandarin last week is now recovering and wants to warn other pedestrians about the dangerous intersection.  

"Right now, I'm just focusing on healing more than anything cause I need to get better so I can go on with my life," said 18-year-old Savanah Sappington, who was hit at a crosswalk December 4th.  

Sappington is a senior at Mandarin High School. Last week, she was on her way to a hair salon on San Jose Boulevard to find out about getting her hair dyed. She wants to find a job soon and make a good impression. But she never made it to the salon.

The teen said she pushed the crosswalk button on Loretto Road at the intersection of San Jose Boulevard and didn't have enough time to reach the other side.

"I got to the middle and looked up and the light changed and it was the hand and it was blinking so I figured I had a minute, a minute and a half to get across the rest of the way so I sped up," said Sappington.

Within seconds, she was hit and blacked out. The next thing she remembers is waking up at the hospital.

"I think I figured that I had been hit by a car but I didn't know what the damage was really," said Sappington.

She had two broken ribs, a broken clavicle, and had two fractures on her right cheek. She also suffered scrapes and bruises on her back and on the right side of her body. Now, she is recovering, but wants to warn other pedestrians about this dangerous crosswalk.

"It goes very fast, like you're in the crosswalk, you have to run," said Sappington. "It's really scary because I see kids sprinting across and I was on my bike going really fast and I still didn't make it across."


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