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Traffic calming devices can be ineffective

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  First Coast News has been exposing local hotspots for speeding all this week in To Catch A Speeder on Good Morning Jacksonville.

First Coast News received complaints from viewers about speeding issues in two neighborhoods with traffic calming devices like speed humps.  One neighborhood is the Chapelgate subdivision in Mandarin.  The second is near the intersection of Terry and Dean Roads on the south side.

In Chapelgate, there are speed humps with speed limit signs that say 15 miles per hour.  The signs are yellow and black, meaning they are only a suggested speed for drivers.  Legally, the neighborhood speed limit is 30 miles per hour, which is posted on black and white speed limit signs.  One driver said the difference can be confusing.

"You don't really know what you're supposed to be doing if you don't know the difference," the driver told First Coast News reporter Jacob Long.

First Coast News did not find many drivers going faster than 30 miles per hour in the Chapelgate area.

In the second neighborhood, near the corner of Terry and Dean Roads there are also speed bumps with yellow and black signs that say 15 miles per hour.

First Coast News found many drivers speeding through this area and even over the humps, catching many drivers going as fast as 53 miles per hour.  The neighborhood has a legal speed limit of 30 and a suggested speed limit of 15.  Other drivers were caught going around 41.

One driver refused to talk to First Coast News. Another acted as if they did not understand what they were doing wrong.

One driver said, "I got five other things on my mind this morning."

In Jacksonville, the number to call to request a traffic is 630-CITY.  The city also provides a manual which outlines the steps to request speed humps and bumps.


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