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Mayoral Candidates React to Exclusive FCN Poll
Mayoral Candidates React to Exclusive FCN Poll

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  The countdown is on - less than five days remain for Alvin Brown and Mike Hogan to get those final votes of support.

Brown spent the day shaking hands and meeting new voters, while Hogan worked the phhones trying to capture an undecided voter.

The two are battling it out in a very tight race for mayor. An exclusive First Coast News poll shows Hogan leads Brown by just five and a half points.

"I've never depended on them. In fact, in all of my other races, I never even knew what the numbers were...what really counts is May 17," said Hogan.

Brown said he has felt confident all along. "I think we've always said that this would be, this is a win-able race and that poll proves our point."

Both camps are devoted to spending the final days of the campaign focused on one group, the undecided voter; 7.6 percent of the 1,039 surveyed said they still don't know who they will vote for.

"You run as if you are behind and just try to get your message to as many people as you possibly can," said Hogan.

Brown agreed.  "I'm going to the Beaches campaigning. I'm going to the Hispanic Chamber."

The poll difference the two men agreed was interesting was that men favor Hogan, while Brown has a slight advantage with women.

"I think I'm better looking than he is, but I'm not sure they go with the looks," Hogan joked.

"I think I've said all along ... this race is not about Democrats and Republicans. It's about Jacksonville and I've made it about that," said Brown.

The margin of error in the poll is plus or minus three.                     




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