Tea Party asks Mullaney to sign a pledge not to "Double-Dip" | Politics

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Tea Party asks Mullaney to sign a pledge not to "Double-Dip"
Tea Party asks Mullaney to sign a pledge not to "Double-Dip"

The Tea Party in Action’s Executive Director dropped off “Double-Dipped” Chocolate strawberries to Rick Mullaney’s campaign office at 2:00pm Monday asking him to sign a pledge to not “Double-Dip” as mayor.

A representative of Mullaney’s campaign office – Matt McClusky said he would call Moran back and let her know before the tele-townhall tonight at 6pm. Moran indicated it would be good to know whether or not Mullaney will sign before the tele-townhall where the issue will be brought up.

The Tea Party in Action will host a massive phone conference Monday night, which will include 54,000+ calls made to citizens in Jacksonville, Florida.  The goal will be to educate citizens on the issues of fiscal responsibility in state and local government.

The phone call, will specifically educate citizens on important issues that face Jacksonville’s pension system.

“The pension system in Jacksonville has billions in unfunded liabilities, and is near to insolvent,” said Marianne Moran, Executive Director of Tea Party in Action.  “For Rick Mullaney to claim he will reform it, when he was the city attorney who orchestrated a change in the city’s pension system to personally benefit him, is hypocritical.

The townhall will also educate citizens on the fact that Rick Mullaney refuses to pledge he will not “Double-Dip.”  His current pension is $154,000 - the highest in the cities history.   If Mullaney was elected mayor, he would be “Double-Dipping” on the back of Jacksonville taxpayer’s to the tune of $320,000.

“Rick Mullaney is getting a sweet deal on the back of Jacksonville’s taxpayers,” said Moran.  To highlight the sweet deal, Moran has dropped off double-dipped chocolate strawberries to Mullaney’s campaign office and asked him to pledge to the people of Jacksonville not to “Double-Dip.”

The Tea Party in Action is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to educating and empowering Floridians about the important issues we face.  (The Tea Party in Action is not affiliated with the First Coast Tea Party).


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