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Transportation Cuts for 5,000 DCPS Students in the Works
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Transportation Cuts for 5,000 DCPS Students in the Works

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Within four years, Duval County Public Schools are considering cutting transportation to all secondary Magnet schools.

Parents of the first 5,000 students affected say it's not fair to working parents.

One of those parents is single mom, Charlene West.

"He's a good student because I made sure he went to good schools that were going to teach him," West says of her son, A.J. Mitchell. "I, as a parent, did my part by making sure he did his homework and learned what he was supposed to learn."

Every day after school, Mitchell rides the bus home from Stanton.

While he waits for his single mother Charlene West to get home from work, he does the dishes and his homework.

Stanton is one of the seven Magnet schools potentially losing transportation.

According to a letter sent home with students, James Weldon Johnson, Landon, Darnell-Cookman, Kirby Smith, Lavilla, and Paxon are also on the list.

"If they take it away from the magnet schools that have a waiting list, if those kids whose parents can't get them back and forth to school have to be pulled out, well, then there's somebody else on that waiting list that can take their place," West said of the decision.

Paul Soares, DCPS Chief of Operations, said the seven schools are those with the largest waiting lists, and agreed it's to keep the schools at full capacity.

The bus cuts will save $3 million dollars but more than 5,000 students will be affected.

"Some of the kids say their parents might take them to First Coast [High School] next year because of the buses," Mitchell said.

Soren added DCPS has to make cuts everywhere, and said by law they are required to provide transportation to neighborhood schools.

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