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Before the Vote: Mayoral Candidates Campaign
Before the Vote: Mayoral Candidates Campaign

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Voters have just hours to decide who they want to be their next mayor in Jacksonville.

"If you're on the fence, it's time to make a decision," said Duval County Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland.

Before the polls open both Republican Mike Hogan and Democrat Alvin Brown are trying to capture those undecided voters who could tip the scale in this election.

"Typically you have a wider split. Right now Democrats are leading by about 700 votes more than Republicans, which indicates it's going to be a very close race," said Holland.

Hoping to get a leg up, both candidates are pounded the pavement Monday tonight.

"I'm going to campaign, I'm going to campaign 24/7. Working, connecting with the voters, I'm not going to sleep," said Alvin Brown.

"I've been calling people all over the city of Jacksonville, especially those who have identified themselves as undecided," said Mike Hogan.  

Waving signs, making last-minute phone calls, and campaign stops- both candidates have a jam-packed schedule.

"I'm not going home! When I get home it'll be one in the morning," said Brown.

Republican Mike Hogan has a special tradition at the end of the night before the elections. A house he visits at the end of every campaign cycle.

"The last stop in my first campaign in 1991, so I try to go back to that house one more time," said Hogan.

No matter where they spend these final hours before the election, both candidates are hoping for the same thing.

"I'm hoping and praying I've laid out a vision I've believed in," said Brown.


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