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Mandarin Teacher Strives to Make Math Simple

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Corey Waxman teaches geometry at Mandarin High School.

"Why make something complicated when you can just make it simple?" Waxman asked.

He's been for teaching nine years and his goal is to make things simple. 

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"I can really understand what he means in a subject," said Vitaly Astakhov, one of Waxman's students.

Students like Astakhov and Kayla Clement appreciate Waxman's down-to-earth teaching style.

"He helps you a lot with the work you don't understand and he makes it easier for you to learn," said Clement.

After a full day of teaching, Waxman sacrifices time with his family to stay after school for free tutoring.

"It gives them an opportunity, another opportunity, in smaller groups to be able to learn," Waxman explained.

He said it's rewarding to know he is making an impact on the students.


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