Eight-Vehicle Wreck on Phillips Highway Today | Transportation

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Eight-Vehicle Wreck on Phillips Highway Today
Eight-Vehicle Wreck on Phillips Highway Today

One person is dead following an eight-vehicle wreck on Phillips Highway today.

All southbound lanes of Phillips just north of Baymeadows Road are blocked and likely will not reopen until around 3 p.m.

Community member Jeff Gray sent us pictures and information about the crash on Phillips Highway in front of Lowe's Home Improvement. 

"My father and law where moving a office right across the street and were the first ones out there and called 911," Gray explains.

"My father in law and I helped the guy out of the bug and he kept asking us what happened. There was gas coming from the totaled Honda CRV, so we asked him if he could move and helped him to the grass," adds Gray.

According to Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Bill Leeper, several vehicles were stopped at red light around 11 a.m. on Phillips when a white pickup truck driving erratically and at a high rate of speed plowed into the stopped vehicles.

Gray tells us the passenger of the Honda CRV was in the worst condition. "In the CRV (red totaled car) the door on the left we got open and the lady driver got out and was fine but the passenger his door was so bent up there was no way to help and he was so out of it we didn't try to move him. We asked someone to talk to him to keep him awake until the fire department got there. The only one that didn't get out was the passenger of the red Honda CRV."

Four people were taken to Shands hospital where one died.


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