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OMCC Participates in Roadcheck 2011

The Florida Department of Transportation Office of Motor Carrier Compliance will take part in Roadcheck 2011, an international activity that will take place June 7-9 throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Roadcheck 2011 will emphasize promoting both safety and security on North American highways through the inspection of commercial vehicles and drivers. Truck and bus safety officers will be working during the 72-hour period checking vehicles and their drivers at inspection sites throughout the State of Florida. In addition, roving patrols will inspect vehicles and drivers traveling other highways.

Roadcheck 2011 also will emphasize enforcement of commercial vehicle driver hours of service through a focus on checking driver logbooks. Although actual percentage estimates vary, it is widely acknowledged that driver fatigue is a factor in many commercial truck and bus crashes. For this reason, Federal regulations limit the number of both consecutive and cumulative hours a commercial driver may operate his or her vehicle without an off-duty rest period.

Officers will be focusing on removing unsafe commercial vehicle drivers and vehicles from the highways, educating government, industry and the public about the important role roadside enforcement plays in saving lives on North America’s highways and helping to provide a safe and secure place to travel. They will be educating commercial vehicle drivers and others about the importance of safe driving, buckling up and maintaining safe vehicles, as well as the proper preparations to enhance security.



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