Flooding ties up traffic, leaves driver stranded in Mandarin

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Heavy rain caused significant flooding Friday on Hood Road adjacent to Mandarin Middle School.

Deputies with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office used their squad cars to block access to the road between the school and Old St. Augustine Road.

Water was at least ankle deep in some places and drifting into some people's front yards.

Drivers were able to try and drive through the floodwater, but were advised to turn around and find another route.

At least one car, a silver Ford Mustang, got stuck in the high water, forcing the driver to evacuate.

An officer on scene said the driver is OK, and eventually the car was removed from the scene.

Dena Pantazi said she has lived in the area for around 20 years, and took extra precautions to get her kids to school safely.

"My 16-year-old usually drives to school. But today, I'm taking her. I took her at nine and I have to pick her up again later," Pantazi said.

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

The beginning of hurricane season is a good time for homeowners to review their insurance needs.  Homeowners should meet with their insurance agent to review and adjust their polices as appropriate for adequate coverage. Families should keep in mind the 3 Ps during hurricane season:  plan, prepare and protect. 

Big picture:   

June 12, 2012 – The beginning of hurricane season is a good time for homeowners to review their insurance policies for adequate coverage for their home and property.  Homeowners are encouraged to consult with their agent and develop a complete understanding of the insurance coverage they have purchased.  In addition to reviewing insurance policies, there are three things families should keep in mind during hurricane season - plan, prepare and protect:


Storm system brings potential for dangerous weather to Florida over the Holiday weekend


FLORIDA -- The Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) reminds Florida’s residents and visitors to remain aware of current weather situations this holiday weekend, as a storm system may bring heavy rainfall across much of the Sunshine State. Potential flooding conditions will affect Southeast Florida through this evening. This threat could shift northward to portions of the Northern Peninsula later this weekend as the system nears this area of the state. This same system could bring strong onshore winds, which may lead to rough surf, large breaking waves and a high risk of rip currents along the Atlantic Coast through next week.

September Marks Historical Peak of Hurricane Season

September 10th marked the annual historical peak of the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season and Florida Division of Emergency Management officials urge residents and visitors to stay prepared. As this year’s season has already been very active, Division officials caution residents that the 2011 season runs through November 30th and several more tropical developments are still possible. To date, the National Hurricane Center has identified twelve named tropical storms, two of which have reached hurricane status.