Creating Visibility on Halloween is the Key to Child Safety

Creating Visibility on Halloween is the Key to Child Safety; Life+Gear Offers Tips to Increase Visibility

Dark streets, distracted motorists and lots of children walking around make Halloween one of the most dangerous pedestrian walking days of the year. Below are both facts and tips to help your viewers (and their children) have a safe Halloween.

Smartphone App TrickorTracker Removes Parents' Worries-Kids Can More Safely Enjoy Halloween

Iconosys unveils a new Smartphone app that enables responsible parents to know the exact whereabouts of their trick-or-treating kids without requiring them to follow alongside in the family car (risking the lives of others that may stray into their paths, as they are distracted by the task of diligently watching their children from the car window). 

Iconosys, Inc., has created TrickorTrackerso that parents can safely monitor their kids via their Smartphone, while their children are out and about gathering treats.  TrickorTracker is free of charge for Halloween (it does expire afterwards), or can be purchased for $9.99 thereafter for full lifetime coverage of family members.

How Young is Too Young to Wear Thong Underwear?

I was recently in a major department store shopping for clothes for a little girl.  When passing by the underwear section, I couldn't help but notice there were thong underwear for sale.  I honestly stopped walking and took a second look to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me.  I was kind of shocked to see thong underwear being sold in the girls department for girls wearing sizes 7-14.

Am I alone in thinking that girls between 7 and 14 years old probably shouldn't be wearing thong?  I just think that's too young for thong underwear.  I know that some women wear thong for comfort or to hide underwear lines under their clothing.  I also know some women wear them strictly for sex appeal.  Either way, what age do you think is appropriate for a woman and/or a girl to start wearing thong underwear?


JCA Events and Activities for November

14th annual JCA Jewish Book Festival

For 14 years, the JCA has celebrated Jewish books and authors at its annual Jewish Book Festival. Our goal is to educate the community about Jewish literature and to stimulate discussion and thought regarding current Jewish issues, history, philosophy and literature while providing access to purchase Jewish books.

Visitors are invited to celebrate the season with family fun throughout Florida

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Florida State Parks is hosting a variety of fall festivals full of family fun this month. From Halloween alternatives to seasonal celebrations, Florida’s award-winning state parks are hosting events for all interests.

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner and many consumers may not realize how scary this ghoulish night might really be for their personal safety, their property…or their pocketbooks.

Bullies Beware: Elementary School Club Aims to Make Bullies into Buddies

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- One Southside elementary school is educating students about something increasingly important at an after-school club.

It's not math or science; it's how to deal with bullies.

Susan Beauchamp, a counselor at Twin Lakes Academy Elementary, dedicates several afternoons a week to meet with about 150 students.

They talk about bullying, drugs, and other topics third, fourth and fifth graders now find themselves facing.
It's the club's inaugural year. From the first day, it was a hit.

"Response was absolutely overwhelming," Susan Beauchamp said. "I thought maybe 25 or 20 people. I got close to 150."

Beauchamp teaches the kids through workbooks, peer counseling and the arts. They incorporate music and dance for a little fun.

But it's not all fun and games. The kids in the group say they all worry about being a victim of bullying.