OT for Mayor Brown's JSO Bodyguard Tops $30,000 in 4 Mos. | News

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OT for Mayor Brown's JSO Bodyguard Tops $30,000 in 4 Mos.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Barber Tony Benthone doesn't get overtime, but he said he wouldn't mind making a few extra bucks.

In fact, Benthone said he would like to sign up to protect Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown. He's heard the position pays well.

"That's a lot of money over a short period of time," said Benthone.

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Payroll records turned over by the city show that one police officer protecting Brown made $31,314 in overtime in four months.

Brown has one full-time bodyguard, Jacksonville Sheriff's officer Mike McCall.

City records show that between July 22, 2011 and Nov. 11, 2011, McCall worked an average of 77 hours a week; 37 of those were overtime.

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"I would want to believe that there is a cause for it. And I think when we look under the surface, maybe one of the reasons why is because he is more of a public servant within the community," said fellow barber Gary Oldham. "Demands more time and with that demands more security."

When he was mayor, John Peyton had two full-time bodyguards.

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City records show that in 2009 those two officers earned less in one full year than McCall earned in four months.

In 2009, Peyton's security team earned a combined $27,642 in overtime.

McCall declined to interview. After numerous phone calls asking for a comment, Brown's office responded late this afternoon saying, "Due to safety considerations, we don't comment on the mayor's security arrangements."

Sheriff John Rutherford said today he is not concerned by the numbers.

He said Peyton had two officers who split their shifts, so there wasn't as much overtime. With Brown only having one bodyguard, Rutherford said that officer has to cover everything.

He also pointed out that there is extra work for Brown's bodyguard right now because the new mayor is everywhere, working for Jacksonville.

Eventually a second officer will be added to Brown's security, which should decrease the overtime, said Rutherford.



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