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Jack Del Rio Speaks Out on Firing

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When Jack Del Rio walked the sidelines on Sunday, he had no idea it would be his last game as head coach.

Del Rio, at his Atlantic Beach home, said he was surprised to hear he was fired.  "Shock today. Shock that the team was sold today. I mean I didn't hear that this morning. Kind of surprised, I really thought Wayne would be involved longer."

Del Rio said Wayne Weaver delivered the news that he was let go face to face in their regular weekly meeting.  Once it was done, Del Rio said he was emotional.

"It was harder earlier. At this point, ya know it's done. I know I'm good at what I do. Ya know, I believe in myself and the things that we've been about here as an organization, as a football team. The guys have fought hard for me. I appreciate that and so I'm really appreciative and thankful," said the former Jaguars head coach.

Del Rio said this team is a good one. He just wishes they had more to validate their efforts.  He said he has learned a lot over the last nine years with the Jaguars.

"Learned some lessons along the way, in terms of how to put together the selection process of players, acquire players. I think obviously that's my life blood. I've learned some things there at things you can and can't do but I'm not going into detail on that," said Del Rio.

As for his future, Del Rio said he plans to take it day by day.  But one thing he knows for sure is he will miss everything about Jacksonville.

"It's been a good nine years here. Ya know, my family loves it here. I've enjoyed raising my kids here. It's a great place to live and proud to have been the head coach here for nine years. It's now time for them to move on and time for me to move on."

Del Rio said he hopes, for the fans, that the new owner will keep the team here in Jacksonville.

He also said he wishes the new owner and coach the best.



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