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Family Sends Warning to Jacksonville Over Inmate's Release

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Family members of Donna Jou are sending a warning to Jacksonville residents over the release of a sex offender in California.

According to the Los Angeles County jail log a man from Jacksonville, John Steven Burgess, will be released from jail Wednesday.

Burgess was serving time for the death of 19-year-old Donna Jou. He was sentenced to five years for involuntary manslaughter for concealing her body and causing her accidental death.

He told police he found her dead in his home after a party and dumped her in the ocean.

In April, Burgess was released after only serving two and half years in prison.  It was all legal.

But then authorities found a way to keep him behind bars a little longer on a charge of not reporting Jou's death.

Jou's family said they just found out that sentence is now up.

"When you see him, he looks like a normal person, but he is very evil and the children are in danger," said Reza Jou, Donna's dad.

Jou's father said he still has no idea what really happened to his daughter. Her body was never found.

Burgess is a registered sex offender involving a crime with a child.  The Jou family wants the residents of Jacksonville to know that because they believe he could be headed back to Jacksonville after his release.

Burgess is from the area and still has family here.  In fact, an anonymous tip led police to Jacksonville after Jou's disappearance.  JSO found Burgess and his truck here.

"He's basically very dangerous and we want to warn the public of Jacksonville, Florida, that this man is gonna be free" said Jou's father.

FDLE spokesman Keith Kameg said Florida has not received notification that Burgess is on his way back to the area.

Jo Ellyn Rackleff, with the Florida Department of Corrections, said Burgess does not have permission to proceed to Florida at this time.

Burgess' family could not be reached for comment.



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