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Warm Winter Brings Flea Problems

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Ruby is a two-year-old Basset Hound that likes to get out for a walk, but that is causing a problem for Ruby and her mom.

"She's had really bad bites. We've had to take her to the vet for it," says Ruby's mom.

They can't seem to get rid of that pesky little bug called the flea.

"It hasn't been cold enough to get a good kill," said veterinarian Dr. Kevin Russell.

A warm winter means infestations are a problem.  Russell said half his business is itchy dogs.

"I would say within the last three weeks I've had a lot of people saying I'm having flea issues and these are people that are doing stuff," said Russell.

His patients say they've sprayed the yard, the home and are using flea protection on the pets.  But they say it's still not taking care of the flea problem.

"Once you find that flea on the dog, single female flea lays 30 - 50 eggs a day.  Once you find that adult flea, you are already playing catch up," said Russell.

FRONTLINE Plus is a popular flea drop.  Blogs online show some pet owners complaining of still having flea problems after using it.

"If you ask the manufacturer, they say they still work but....we are seeing people thinking they are seeing resistance," said Russell.

Merial, the manufacturer of FRONTLINE released a statement saying, "Resistance to FRONTLINE® Plus has not been documented in any studies. When used according to the label, FRONTLINE brand products are highly effective in killing fleas and ticks, and preventing re-infestations."

Dr. Russell said switching up flea medications can help, but only do it after talking with your vet.

He also said you need to vacuum your home and furniture several times a week to get ride of the flea eggs.

He said the most important thing you can do is use flea medication routinely once a month all year round, and not just certain times of the year.

Ruby's mom is hoping a change in medicine helps their problem.
















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