Retention Pond Construction Impacts Lakewood Lake | News

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Retention Pond Construction Impacts Lakewood Lake

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Some neighborhood detective work led Lakewood homeowners to track pollution in their lake to a city retention pond project.

Lake Geraldine, a private lake, is taking on a dirty look following last week's heavy rain that compromised barriers being used at a construction site.

"This was like old chocolate milk, like white milk," said John Carling, who joined with neighbors in tracking down the source.

The source was a few miles away at the Powers Avenue Pond Improvement project. 

City spokesperson Debbie Delgado said some barriers failed because of heavy rains resulting in overflow that dumped into Rose Creek and then downstream.  She says the problem has since been corrected. 

Chapman Construction is doing the work on the retention pond.

"I don't think it did long term damage. It did mess it up animals for a couple of weeks. Hopefully they will recover," said Carling. 


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