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3 Major Construction Projects Underway in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- There's no shortage of cones, barrels, detour signs, and delays in Jacksonville. It seems like almost everywhere you go on the First Coast, there's something under construction.

Major projects are underway on our interstates right now. So what's changing, when will it end, and is it all worth it? First, it's the project everyone's been talking about: the change from State Road 9A to the Interstate 295 beltways.

"I think it's great," one driver said. "I hope it works," another added.

Changing 9A to I-295 gets us federal funding, but Mike Goldman with the Florida Department of Transportation says it's more about consistency.

"It'll be a lot less confusing - what's 9A? What's 295?" Goldman said, adding that the plan had always been to make 9A part of the beltway system for 295.

Still, many of you say the beltway system is even more confusing.

"It's definitely confusing especially if you don't know the area," one local woman said.

New signs are costing more than a million dollars to install, but are they helpful?

"A real simple way to remember this is everything on 9A is going to be the I-295 east beltway," Goldman said. "All of the remaining sections are going to be I-295 west."

On our Facebook page, some drivers said locals would always call it 9A.

"There will be an adjustment but once it's all done which we think will be in June, it'll make travel through Jacksonville easier," Goldman said.

Onto Interstate 95 where they're re-surfacing the road from I-295 all the way up to Atlantic Boulevard.

"They're filling in the cracks with new pavement and smoothing it over," according to Goldman.

Most of the lane closings are overnight so drivers said it hasn't bothered them a whole lot. That project, costing $224 million, won't be finished until 2014.

If you travel on Interstate 10, you know it can be a bumpy ride. The DOT is working to smooth things out though between Stockton Street and Lane Avenue.  They're also working on a $60 million project to widen I-10 between I-295 and Chaffee Road. The work on I-10 should wrap up this summer.

Overall, everyone we spoke to agreed the need for construction is there, but it's a pain to deal with until it's done. "When you compare it to Atlanta, we've got it made," one driver said. "This is nothing compared to Atlanta."


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